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The boy made famous for this retarded argument has a band called Sharp Teeth. They freak out norms across the South Shore by playing their own brand of the rock n' roll that says 'fuck you!' to the man. They refuse to be oppressed by the idea that a band needs 'instruments' to blow your mind. THEY USE A FUCKING TRASHCAN!!!!!!!! One of the members got a tattoo of the band. It is probably the greatest thing I have (or ever will) see. Behold:

A former fan remarks:

John Stossel69: When this kid is 80
John Stossel69: and ben potrykus has long since killed himself

original pic:
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Scenes of Self Parodyation.

Starting at the head and down to the feet, I wore: thickly framed eye-glasses, a silver and red bubble-best (retro!vintage!) over a dark-blue hooded sweat-shirt. My two halves bisected by belt with Mason buckle which held up worn Lee jeans with the cuffs turned up. All this, resting awkwardly on top of a pair of black Saucony's and argyle socks. On the subway I read Kafka.

Overheard a young man explain "I did the whole school thing. It's not me. Like, I don't really want to be a lawyer or whatever. I'm not about the money. I'm really doing well now, you know, just being."

Went to a lecture on the "liberal bias in academia." Got a particularly beastly girl to claim that a joke about George W. Bush being stupid is comparable to a racial-slur.