The Last King of Scotland (yourpalfootfoot) wrote in xselfparodyx,
The Last King of Scotland

Scenes of Self Parodyation.

Starting at the head and down to the feet, I wore: thickly framed eye-glasses, a silver and red bubble-best (retro!vintage!) over a dark-blue hooded sweat-shirt. My two halves bisected by belt with Mason buckle which held up worn Lee jeans with the cuffs turned up. All this, resting awkwardly on top of a pair of black Saucony's and argyle socks. On the subway I read Kafka.

Overheard a young man explain "I did the whole school thing. It's not me. Like, I don't really want to be a lawyer or whatever. I'm not about the money. I'm really doing well now, you know, just being."

Went to a lecture on the "liberal bias in academia." Got a particularly beastly girl to claim that a joke about George W. Bush being stupid is comparable to a racial-slur.

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